Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hay Hay it's Caesar: Tasty Round-up!

You guys rock!!!

I knew choosing Caesar Salad was a little different. I also had great faith that you guys would rise to the challenge and deliver some amazing recipes!!! Seriously, the high point of my day was opening my email to find all of your delicious entrys. I think anyone's need for salads this summer will surely be met by any one of these great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing and making my (first-ever) event so enjoyable!!!

Voting begins today, June 3rd, and runs until midnight on Saturday June 9th. The winner will be announced Sunday the 10th! Anyone can vote by emailing your choice to me at otherpeoplesfoodATgmailDOTcom. Good luck!!!

Entry #1

The HHDD #12 Roundup begins with Lisa and her Vegetarian Caesar Salad. As someone that’s trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into her life, I was very glad to get her entry!

Entry #2

Janet is Hungry, and now I am too! Perfect for your next bbq, Janet combined her love of potato salad with Caesar, and ended up with a lovely looking Potato Caesar Salad! Yum!


Laura of Eat Drink Live takes such dreamy photographs of her meals, and this is no exception. Her Mini Caesar Salad Bites are perfectly adorable!!

Entry #4

Brooke, a fellow new food blogger, overcame her un-love of Caesar salad and came up with a very creative alternative – Parmesan Crusted Chicken Involtini! She combined everything Caesar-y, and created a nice little package!

Entry #5

Delightful Londoner Inne, of Vanille & Chocolat, surprised me with her Caesar Soup – I’d been hoping for creative recipes, and this certainly fits the bill! Great for a cool evening!

Entry #6

Thanks go to Edward of Wino Sapien, for his figure-friendly submission. Not only is his Caesar Salad healthy, it’s cute, too! (Don’t you carb-conscious folks worry, the croutons are multigrain!)

Entry #7

Heading into the colder months, Tara from Should You Eat That? was more interested in creating a warm Caesar dish, and I don’t blame her! Her Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad looks creamy and inviting – just what you want when the temperature drops!

Entry #8

With another healthy alternative, Deborah wows us with her Creamy Caesar Salad with Spicy Croutons and Shrimp. Sounds like a delicious mouthful!

Entry #9

New HHDDer Pam of Backyard Pizzeria brings us her delightful version of Caesar Salad. I am so glad she chose to join the fun with this event, aren’t you???

Entry #10

Despite disliking eggs (and anchovies), Alison rallied and submitted her very first HHDD entry – AND her first Caesar – Caesar Salad with Sourdough Croutons! I think she’s one brave cookie, and I for one am glad to have her!

Entry #11

With another photo that has me wanting to lick my screen, Sarina brings us her beautiful Spicy Caesar Salad. Her post delivers not only a great recipe, but a little history, too! Thanks!!!

Entry #12

Lauren B. from Burghilicious treats us to her Endive Lettuce Cups with Citrus Caesar Vinaigrette and Frico entry. This was a pretty early post for her, and if this recipe means anything, it means that she’s a new blogger to watch!

Entry #13

Most Awesome Barbara, of Winos & Foodies, and creator of Hay Hay is Donna Day, brings to the table her Jamie Oliver-inspired Caesar Salad. I love croutons in general, and she roasts hers under a chicken! Yum!

Entry #14

I think Deinin’s Caesar Salad-Filled Bread rolls are so cute! She combines the bread and salad course all in one in a tasty, efficient little treat! Love it!

Entry #15

Ulrike of Küchenlatein (Kitchen Latin, if I translated that correctly), brought us her first Caesar Salad recipe (Insipired by Cardini's dressing)! I’m sure glad she did! Looks great!

Entry #16

Tami, from Running with Tweezers, confesses her undying love for Caesar Salad and kicks it up a notch by tossing in some fresh strawberries! Who wants to carpool with me to her house for Sunday brunch?

Entry #17

Joey kicks regular potato salad in the pants with her creamy Potato Caesar dish. She even kept to the Donna Hay Caesar recipe! Rock on!

Entry #18

Honoring the history of Caesar Salads, Anita at Married with Dinner cooked up her Senor Caesar entry. She even tossed in a hint from my fav. Smart guy, Alton Brown.

Entry #19

My mouth actually watered reading about Brigitte’s entry (and its an honest mouthful!) - Insalata dell'imperatore (Caesar salad made with baby romaine, pancetta, and truffles with anchovy-mayonnaise in parmesan baskets, and chiabatta-sticks). Dreamy!!!


Talk about taking one for the team!!! Bron was attacked by her salad ingredients!!! She persevered, however, and delivers a knockout Caesar Salad! Let this be a reminder, however – bacon: delicious AND dangerous!

Entry #21

Another great Jamie Oliver-inspired salad from Gilli of So So Simple Food. She dubbed it Hail Caesar Thanks Jamie – I say, Thanks Gilli!!

Entry #22

Arfi's salad, made to accompany her pumpkin cakes ,is not quite the traditional Caesar Salad, although it does contain green leaves and garlic. It is a Garlic, Lime and Chilli Prawns on a Baby Lettuce and Fresh Basil Salad.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great round-up and you did the Umlaut, congratulations!

Laura said...

Great job on the round-up Katie, I hope you weren't quaking in your blogging boots!

B said...

great roundup Katie!! Yours will be a tough event to follow for whoever gets the Donna Hay crown :)

Anonymous said...

These all look amazing, can't wait to try more than a few :) You did a great job hosting :)

Barbara said...

Great round up katie. I shall read them all and cast my vote. Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Very nice round've just got me craving for more caesar :) And it's almost midnight here! I had to cast my vote! It's going to be a tough call...

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

Wow, what an assortment. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh poo... I missed it. I can never keep track of this stuff! You were a great host and this roundup has me hankering for a salad.