Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oat Bran Breakfast

On a whim, I picked up some Arrowhead Mills Organic Oat Bran hot cereal. I know I'm not supposed to be grocery shopping, but I needed oatmeal for my work breakfasts, and I was there, so... I got it. Dave likes grits, and the it seemed like a decent substitute.

In addition, we're in somewhat of a weekend breakfast rut - but we're ok with it. Bagels in bed, and its lovely. A little bran didn't hurt anybody, and we'll go back to bagels tomorrow.

The directions were easy and quick, I got to stir them around and feel like I was doing something useful. I will say that if you let them cool a little, they lose their shininess, so serve immediately.

Dave had his with just a little butter, salt, and pepper. I had a spoonful of almond butter and some sliced bananas. We were both happy. If you find yourself in need of a healthy hot breakfast that doesn't require a lot of work, pick up your own box!

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Anonymous said...

put just a little bit of hot water on them (~2 spoons), your favourite yoghurt and one apple in small pieces :)