Thursday, December 27, 2007

That Hungry Blonde Girl

In early November, Janet posted about these yummy cups. I knew as I was reading them that we'd be eating them. This recipe has all you could ask for... ease of preparation, mexicany-ness, and single serving sizing.

I'd linked the blog to my husband, so he knew what he was getting into... and so he'd stop asking me what we were having for dinner. :)

I got home, whipped these together and I think we ended up gobbling them all up. (Or we at least finished them off at lunch the next day.)

I'll close with what Dave said after he had his first one, once he'd asked me where she got it, and I explained that I think she made it up on her own: "That Hungry Blonde Girl is smart!!!" So true, so true.

Find the recipe here!

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