Friday, February 1, 2008

My Need to Mixtape

I've been putting this entry off for a few days. I'd initially thought to attach it to an actual recipe entry, but then when I did so, the post went on and on... and really, was pretty confusing.

Why my need to mix-tape? (as silly as that sounds in this ipod age) My husband is going away on business travel tomorrow. For a week. Far away. To a whole different country. For a week. Gross.

Mind you, we're both in our early 30s, mature, secure, happy people (mostly). We've just never had a situation like this pop up before. We're also both more than happy to have our Own Time to do our Own Things... but for a whole week? In another country? Six hours ahead? Yikes. lol, I've been saying "we" a lot. I don't think my darling husband is as worked up about this as I am, at least not for the same reasons. He is the one that will be trapped on an airplane for 9 hours, not me. He'll be dealing with different languages and cultures and working 12 hour days while he's there - just to take another 9 hour flight home. Really, I have it easy. So I should shut my sappy trap and suck it up. :)

You and I both know that won't happen, though, will it? While I was out running errands, the idea of a mix-tape occurred to me. Remember doing that? A mix-tape was such an expression of self... we made them for ourselves, for our best friends, for our boy- or girl-friends... for family vacations or summer camp or to celebrate an awesome summer (I still have my "Summer of '97" tape in my car, and yes, it has MMMBop on it.) What also amuses me is that if I were to make one, for him to like it, it would have to consist almost entirely of Black Crowes music - and he has just about every cd they ever made... I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

But don't you worry about me. I have lots to do next week. I have our Green Dimes info to update, some movies from Netflix to watch, girlfriends to catch up with, muscles to work out, breadmaking to learn, a bathtub to clean... (maybe even a game to play with you guys) I'll be okay. But that doesn't mean I won't really miss my sweet husband. Be safe and hurry home, Love.


Connie said...

My hubby will be gone part of next week too. But he is just going to Alabama...which he claims is like another country!

I used to love mixed tapes. MIne were from The Summer of 87 though! LOL!!!

Sounds like you will be very busy and the time will fly!

Kristen said...

My husband travels all the time, but never internationally. That is a whole different story!

I do remember the mix tapes.. what a memory!

Enjoy your girl time, your me time, your catch up on Netflix time. It'll be a long week for you, but I hope it goes by quickly.

And remember... reunions after that much time apart always makes it all the more worth it ;)

Deborah said...

Ahh, the mix-tape... I had a conversation with a girlfriend about them not too long ago because I found a stash of them.

Luckily, my husband's job doesn't require traveling, but he sometimes has crazy schedules where he works all night - so I am at work all day, and he works nights. We see each other for about 30 minutes a day during those times, and it sucks. I do get a lot done during those times, though, but it's hard to be apart from the ones we love sometimes!!

Sanjiv said...

GreenDimes here,

Okay, we get a lot of great write-ups of us on blogs but i've never seen using GreenDimes catalog screener on someone's to do list.

Huge kudos

Katie B. said...

Heh, if you'd seen the giant box of junkmail we'd accumulated over the holidays, you'd understand! I'm happy to report that it took me less than 30 minutes to complete - great tool you guys have!

valiens said...

I know he's long back, but you have to play on It's one of my faves. I've just discovered the quick mix and it's my new favorite thing. Also the Latin section of their genre radio stations. And the Altie/Indie station. And, oh, well, you should just go there. You'll figure it out as you use it. It's really intuitive.

Also, they're not crazy about this, but there's a nifty little piece of freeware that lets you grab the songs as full mp3s. It's Free Musiz Zilla, but I'd only grab it from cNet to be safe.

My two cents, all kinds of late...but I just found your blog.