Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogging By Mail

I want to be Anne when I grow up! Not only did she delightfully feed my sweet tooth, but she's got cards and tags, stickers, and littler cards all with her logo on them! I need a logo so I can make all these wonderful things, too!

First things first! The lovely Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness coordinated this exciting event: Blogging by Mail: A Few of My Favorite Things. I couldn't wait until this event started, because the idea of 60 packages of joy zipping around the Earth really charmed me.

My package arrived and I couldn't wait to tear into it! I'd never gotten a package from Sweden before! I had to stop myself to take a picture before I ripped the paper off... I think I hid the cut for the photo above. ;)

Anne included a friendly note explaining all of her tasty treats! First up is Brio - which sadly, was NOT in the main photo above, because I think I'd gotten into them before I arranged everything, and I didn't get them back in time... but trust me, they're yummy, chewy little caramels. (and I LOVE caramels!)

Also in the box were two types of licorice candies: Kick and one that translates into "Jungle Howl." The kicks were a mellower version of black licorice, and the howling ones took licorice to a whole new level. She warned me that the Jungle Howl were an acquired taste, and I would have to agree. :) They reminded me of what black licorice would taste like if it had soaked in the ocean for a while... I don't know if its accurate, though. :)

Next up are some lovely cookies and tea! Anne included two lovely little packages of Bixits. The cookies are oat-y and have little dried blueberry bits mixed in. I have had one package already and loved it so much, I'm saving the second on for just the right time. I might just have to break them out when I try the honey and lime black tea she sent along, as she suggested it, and I want to be able to try everything as its meant to be eaten!

I cannot wait to try the two home-made sugars Anne included in this shipment: Rose-cardamom and Lavender-vanilla!!!! Anne's sister even picked the rose petals herself! I love it!

Now, if you've been paying attention this summer, you know we've been trying to grow things on our porch. And when I say "things" I mean lots of peppers. Well! The peppers had better get used to some company, because Anne included a package of radish seeds! She has been growing them herself and really enjoys it - and now I can try to, as well! Dave and I had our first roasted radishes a few weeks ago, so this is a perfect way to encourage more radish recipes!

Speaking of recipes, the next to last item in the package is a terrific Swedish meatball mix and recipe!! I have never made them, but I practically hover over them when I find them in public, so this is another awesome, perfect inclusion!

Lastly are the two, beautiful Swedish butterknives that Anne picked up on vacation in Dalarna. I couldn't be more excited about these knives - they have a great smoothness and gentle curves... (I have a thing for wooden spoons, too).

Thank you, Anne, so much, for this charming delivery! I appreciate the thought you put into it, and I couldn't be happier (even with those jungle howl chews!)

And thanks again to Stephanie, for coordinating this fun event. Without gushing too much, I think Blogging by Mail is an excellent way for us to get a window into each other's lives and I can't wait until the next round!


Janet said...

Wow - that looks like a great package! Anne did an amazing job!

Anne said...

Oh, I'm so glad you liked it :) Enjoy everything! :)

Nora B. said...

Such a wonderful package to receive. It reminds me of when I was a young child and had my first pen-pal from overseas - it was so exciting to receive mail from another country.