Sunday, August 5, 2007

Orangette's Gâteau au chocolat fondant de Nathalie

We had my mom over for dinner a couple of weeks ago for a repeat of the Dona Tomas shrimp tacos. She came over on a Tuesday, and I want to say I prepared most of this the Sunday before. (I only did the shrimp that night.)

I also made dessert the night before. I pulled the recipe off of Orangette's site. I wish I read her blog more often, because every time I go, I love what she has to say and the recipes she has to offer. Specifically, this cake.

Now, I will say that I was terrified of this cake. I baked it for 30 minutes, instead of the suggested 22. Why? Because it still seemed really goopy. However, I didn't want to go too long, and have a sad, dry cake for my mom. I ignored the goop and got it onto the cake plate to let it hang out overnight, as the directions suggest. Once we were done with dinner and room for cake, I whipped up some cream with a little splenda and a dash of vanilla.

OMG. Make this cake. Do it now. There is absolutely a reason it's nicknamed the "Winning Hearts and Minds" cake. The cake was completely decadent - thick and soft and oh so chocolatey. We sent half home with my mom and put the rest in the fridge (and it was almost just as delightful cold) for the next night's dessert.

This will be the dessert I bring to my next dinner party or potluck or evening of watching Grey's, once its back. This cake is meant to be shared (and not just because its packed full of butter!!) :)

Please click through to her site to find the recipe. You won't be disappointed!


Kristen said...

I am a sucker for a great chocolate cake. You can bet I'm making this!

Deborah said...

I have been wanting to make this cake - now I am convinced!!!

Katie B. said...

Kristen & Deborah - do it! You will just love it!

Tanya said...

would you recommend baking it all 30 minutes?

Katie B. said...

Tanya - I would def. follow the original instructions to watch it every few minutes after the 20 minute mark - everyone's oven is different... but I certainly wouldn't go past 30... you're going to want that shiny middle jiggle. :) Good luck!