Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Buffalo Meatball Sub

I am a creature of impulse. When I see something I want, its usually best to get it, rather that try to distract myself with something different. I find this method saves time AND calories! ;)

You will understand, then, when I tell you about the Meatball Sub entry on Julie's blog, Noshtalgia , I just had to have it. I saw it yesterday, and we had it for dinner tonight. (Quick turn-around!)

Sure, I tried to get fancy and put the subs under the broiler, both to toast the bread and melt the cheese. And yes, in less than a minute, the bread was burnt to a crisp. Ha! But how else would I get to be all MacGuyver on dinner and whip out the spare kaiser rolls we had laying around doing nothing??? I mean, that guy didn't get by on his good looks alone!

I used ground buffalo instead of beef (blame Marcie), and while I couldn't really tell the difference, the buffalo made one tasty meatball!

To get the recipe, click through to the post on Julie's blog here:

Check out the rest of her site, too, its pretty rad.


Julie said...

Hi Katie, This is Julie from Noshtalgia, so glad you enjoyed your meatball subs.Buffalo meat is great, I've used in in stew you really can't tell the difference. I love the whole premise behind your blog. Even though I've been in the kitchen cooking since I was little, I am not opposed to opening a can of soup, I just doctor it up a bit.
Thank you for including me in your blog it is greatly appreciated.

Kristen said...

I am the same way, and now that I have looked at this sandwich on your blog AND Julie's blog, I am going to have to break down and give it a try!

matt said...



Oh my goodness, I'm salivating....