Tuesday, May 1, 2007

We Love Polenta!

I also love our Supper Club. We all get together and eat each other's food (ha!) and then we email bomb each other with recipes so we can make the dishes ourselves.

This is where tonight's dinner came from. I brought home the leftovers, and Dave said, "I really liked the yellow things." I did as well, and considering I've never made polenta before, I very much wanted to try it out. So, Stephanie, we loved your Polenta Bites last week, and we love them again this week!

She made them in mini-muffin tins, I think for ease of travel and because it was darn cute. I'd planned to do the same thing, but rationalized that it would taste the same, and I wouldn't have to clean the muffin tin, if we just had it in a bowl. I also cooked up some chorizo I had in the freezer, but I didn't really like the two together. (But I also think I don't really like chorizo.)

I don't have the recipe in this post, but you can find it here.


Janet said...

Hi Katie - I love your blog - you are so funny. And this dish looks so good!! I have to have that recipe. I NEED it :) I couldn't get to the recipe with the link you provided - just to another picture - which made we want the recipe EVEN MORE!! Thanks!

Katie B. said...

Janet - sorry! Fixed it - enjoy! :)

Cousin from Boston said...

Hi Katie! It seems we have something in common. I love great recipes and look forward to reading your blog. I'm glad U.K. sent it. You and Dave will have to come visit and EAT. Congratulations on the site - it's delicious! Lisa

Kristen said...

I have only had polenta at a local restaurant but my kids love it! I will have to give that recipe a try!