Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!!! Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Happy Memorial Day!! The photo above is of my Grandpa with his plane from WW2. This might be one of my favorite photos of him. He was a US Air Force Pilot, and boy did he have some stories. I hope all of you go out and hug your vets, remember the fallen, and pray for those abroad risking their lives.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! We seem to be on a trend of celebrating a week late, but at least this gives me a little more time to find the perfect chocolate cake recipe! :)

I think we might be the only people not grilling or bbq-ing this weekend. I totally wasn't thinking last week when I planned out the weekend's worth of dinners. I don't mind, really, and I don't think Dave did either.

I am saving the post about tonight's dinner until tomorrow, but that doesn't mean I have no food to post about tonight! (Just no new pictures.)

This morning, I was all about refilling the freezer. I love the flavors of slow-cooked meals, but I prefer something a little faster on a weeknight. (Who doesn't?) I started off making more of the twice-cooked red chile sauce that goes so nicely with steaks. Then I made another batch of the grater-box gnocchi. And then, to use up the sour cream sitting in the fridge, I made a batch of snickerdoodle muffins! Whew! Didn't take me too long, as I could have more than one thing going at once, and now I can just pull something out for dinner (or breakfast, in the case of the muffins), whip it together, and have it taste like it took way longer! Nice!

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