Friday, June 8, 2007

Rainbow Chard and Ricotta Filo Roll

Filo success! The first time I used filo, it was super-easy. Second time, catastrophe. This, the third time, was a dream! Why the difference? The first and third's dough was from Whole Foods. The one in the middle was from Wegmans. While I am mostly spoiled by Weggies, I'll stick to Whole Foods for my filo.

When I saw this recipe on Haalo's site, Cook Almost Anything, I knew it would be a perfect dinner this week. A large bag of swiss chard was delivered in our CSA, and as I've never used it before, I was hungry for ideas. I immediately printed it out and added the necessary ingredients to my grocery list. (And if any of you have swiss chard recipes, I'd love to have 'em!!)

Sure, we've been on a South Beach Diet roll, but we can go back to those books tomorrow. Tonight, its all Haalo! The filling was nice and creamy, punctuated by the pine nuts. The sesame seeds weren't, to me, as noticeable as a flavor, but the aroma they gave off was earthy and wonderful.

I won't post the recipe, but you can find it on Haalo's blog, here. Her site is just fantastic, so check it out!!

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Haalo said...

Looks great Katie - I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this. Thanks so much for trying the recipe!